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VALUED AT $2,000

As evening falls, you are warmly welcomed into my apartment. It takes barely a minute to show you around. Not that we're in a rush. We've got all the time in the world.

I fix us a cocktail while you queue up a playlist. The lounge beckons as the conversation flows. You've long forgotten those nerves running through your body before you first knocked.

As per your preference, I start cooking us dinner. You're perched across the counter from me, sipping your wine, cursing this physical space between us.

Me too. But that build up, that tease, well that just adds to the fun.

After dinner, the night is yours. Netflix and chill. A game of euchre. Another cocktail. Or something far more intimate.

At night's end, you fall into a blissful sleep, wrapped in my arms. Comfortable, warm, and probably a little exhausted.

There's no alarm in the morning. Just a lazy lie in. Snuggles. Coffee. Breakfast.

The Prize Package Includes:

- 16 hour overnight stay with Samuel in his new incall apartment

- Drinks (wine, bubbles, cocktails, you name it!)

- Home cooked dinner with and by Samuel

- A lazy brunch the next morning

- Falling asleep in each other's arms

- As for the rest of the night, well that's all up to your imagination!



Contest is open to women aged 25+ with entries received before 12:01am, 7th July, 2021 and able to travel to Sydney before October 31st to redeem their prize.

Past, present and future clients are all welcomed to enter.


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The not-too-fine print

- This contest is not based on chance. The winner will be chosen based solely on why the contest feels they should win.

- The winner will be notified on 07/07/2021 via their preferred contact method.

- Drinks, meals and accomodation at Samuel's Lower North Shore apartment are all included in the prize.

- Travel to this location is not included in prize.

- Prize to be redeemed by October 31st, 2021.