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Valued at $3,000

Just before Sydney's 2021 lockdown, I ran a giveaway for an overnight experience with me at my new incall apartment. When lockdown finally ended, Valerie came over to claim her prize. We met up again a few months later, but have kept up some communication throughout. Recently she messaged me to tell me she had met someone, finishing with "I don't know what my future with him is but I do know I have enjoyed something amazing with him because of your gifts to me. Forever grateful." It was a reminder of why I had selected her from the entrants. There was a lot to unpack and I'm beyond words to hear how she is now able to move forward where she previously couldn't. Mostly though, it is a solid reminder for why I do the work I do, and why I ran the giveaway in the first place. And so, here we go again. x 


This year the give-away is a little bit different.

This time I'm giving away TWO experiences:

An Overnight and a Dine & Discover.

Yep, two chances of 'winning'.

I'll be selecting the Overnight 'winner' based on the reasons provided, and an entry into the Overnight automatically enters you into the Dine & Discover prize as well.

The Dine & Discover 'winner' will be randomly selected. 



- 4 hours at my Pyrmont Incall

- Time roughly split between social and play

- Dinner platter for us to graze on

- Cocktails!


- 14 hours at my Pyrmont Incall

- Dinner platter for us to graze on

- Cocktails!

- Falling asleep in each other's arms

- A lazy morning lie in


Eligibility: Open to women aged 30+ with entries received before 12:01am, August 1st, 2021 and able to travel to Sydney before October 31st to redeem their prize. Past, present and future clients are all welcomed to enter.

1. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter

2. Fill out one of the below entry forms 

Overnight Prize Entry


Thanks for submitting!

Dine & Discover Entry


Thanks for submitting!

The Not-Too-Fine-Print

- Overnight prize is not based on chance.

- Dine & Discover prize is based on chance.

- Winners will be notified before 05/08/22 via their preferred contact.

- Prize to be redeemed before 06/11/22.

- No details are shared with a third party or made public in any way.

- Prize does not include travel to my Pyrmont based incall apartment.