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Booking Etiquette

Note: I am not available for short notice bookings.

To help reduce the number of initial messages requesting more information, there is now a Booking Enquiry form below to fill out. Please give as much detail as you like in the final box, including a little (or a lot) about yourself, and your preferred dates/days to meet.

I used to have a much wider range of packages and rates, however these remaining ones have generally been the only ones chosen. I don't do hour long bookings, as I'm not a 'dial-a-dick'. Two hours is the shortest which typically involves some social time as well.


The Business - 2 hours

Generally I've found that the 2 hour bookings are for married clients, or women seeking something brief in a hectic life. That initial social time is a great chance to discuss wants, needs and desires, though subsequently is often a catch up on each other's lives. At my incall, this kicks off while I mix us up a cocktail.

Dine & Discover - 4 hours

Often the preferred choice for first meets, as it gives us plenty of time to learn about each other and madly flirt before heading back to the room to explore each other more completely. 

At my apartment, I offer a selection of drinks, including cocktails, and a variety of platters for us to graze on. I used to make a proper full meal, but have found this can take my attention away from you, while also creating an intrusive time frame for the night. This tends to go against the organic experience, so a platter can be grazed upon as required through the course of the evening, and neither of us ends up feeling bloated from a tagliatelle ragu.


For 4 or more hours, dinner must be provided by you, at your expense. Travel outside of Sydney CBD may also incur a travel fee.


I no longer offer an overnight service for those I've not previously met, although are obviously available for Fly Me To You (FMTY)

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Booking Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry and I'll get back to you within 24 hours

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