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About My New Contest

When telling some of my friends about running this contest, a few did ask me why I would give away something of so much value, which at the end of the day, equates to giving up my time for free. The easy answer I have given is I am utilising the contest to gain traffic and paint a picture of who my potential clients really are. But there's a lot more to it than that.

I chose my new apartment specifically because it is modern, secure and completely accessible. I have quite a few disability clients, and although they generally access me through the NDIS, they still have to fork over their own funds for a hotel room. Many still live with their family, so they are unable to host. My other clients often have some varied reasons as to why they can't hire a hotel, but also can't host me. Providing an incall service seemed to be the best option for a lot of these people.

As the contest states, I'm choosing the winner on why they feel they should win the extended overnight stay with me. In my time escorting, women have opened up to me about so many things, and why they decided to book me in the first place. Some are about heartbreak, some are about loss, while others are purely to feel beautiful sensual pleasure once more. Being with these women, providing them with a safe and comfortable space, being genuinely present for them, is really what my job is all about. And it's why I do this work in the first place.

Clients have broken down into tears over a trauma they have shared. They've cried at the end of a sexual session and thanked me for making them feel loved once again, for making them feel like a woman. They've laughed a lot, and enjoyed an escape from their otherwise stressful lives. Strangest of all to me though, is the few clients I've so far cooked dinner for, telling me a man has never done that before. Crazy!

It is in these moments, when I find I have genuinely affected someone in such a positive way, that I find my true reward. Job satisfaction, as it were. In fact these times, and my regular work as a disability support worker, have given me the most job satisfaction in my entire working life.

And this is the reason I'm running this contest. To give someone a chance to experience all of these things. Perhaps they can't afford my services, despite how much they need it, or can't afford such a long booking. Whatever the reason, this contest is open to past, present and future clients, or those who are still unsure about hiring a sex worker at all.

I was also a little hesitant about the details I ask for from women entering the contest. But that is purely so I can verify that they say who they are. And at the end of the day, I am welcoming someone into my personal residence, giving up sixteen hours of my life, not counting the cleaning, shopping and preparation required for such a big booking. So I decided that on the scale of things, I wasn't asking too much.

If you're hesitant about entering the contest because of the information in the entry form, please know that none of this is being shared with anyone else, and definitely not to be made public in any way. If you are hesitant because of how you look, your size, please don't be. I see women of such differing ages and sizes, and so far have found each and every one to be beautiful in a whole range of ways.

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