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BFE (BoyFriend Experience) and PSE (PornStar Experience) have their origins taken from my female colleagues. Basically, a GFE (GirlFriend Experience) is for a more romantic, intimate experience while the PSE is more performative.

But neither of these really seems to fit my experiences, as something that starts out as soft and intimate can often end up becoming wild, or vice versa (not that wild isn't also intimate). With consent and flowing with the moment, there really isn't one way that a date will always play out. The mood of your day or our evening could change what you originally thought you were after. Environmental and situational factors could also swerve a session in an unexpected direction; exhibitionistic hotel balcony sex is typically not soft, and thin walls may make you want to tone the noise down, or give them a fantastic audible display.

Besides in my mind, a boyfriend experience conjures up an ideal of men I've heard about from both clients and friends. Lazy dudes watching sport and not listening to their spouse, and only ever offering selfish sex with the focus on his coming. Uninspired vanilla partners simply going through the motions.

BFE also hints to a commitment, which to an extent kinda defeats the purpose of an escort. While some of my regular clients love to have some sporadic message exchanging, one even refers to herself as my part-time girlfriend (can't really argue with that), some others only make contact when they want to book some time with me. Chatting randomly with me doesn't fit in at all with their hectic career and maternal duties, or can be too dangerous around their husband.

Either way, whichever way, a boyfriend experience just doesn't really sum up my date experiences, nor boxing a session into one particular category.

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