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Updated: Jan 12

Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold and celebrating the broken places. The point is to embrace the imperfect and to make the best of what you are experiencing now rather than dwelling on how things might have been better.

A florally decorated white cup and saucer, repaired with gold strips, in the form of kintsugi
A kintsugi cup and saucer

This is something that personally resonates for me, as it’s taken a lot of time to be comfortable within my body after a motorcycle crash in 2015. It was nearly a full two years afterwards until I could walk unassisted, due to several complications with the new metal in my leg. Obviously I was also left with a range of scars (mostly on my leg) and with that immobility, there were also a lot of weight fluctuations.

Despite the long road to recovery, both physically and mentally, I’ve learned to embrace these scars. Without that experience, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Perhaps it was this lived experience of chronic pain and limited mobility that directed me to becoming a disability support worker. And providing a service to women with disability is why I got into escorting in the first place (though it’s certainly not all of my clients).

As with a large proportion of the population, most of my clients are in some form of self repair. We’ve all been broken in some way, but it’s the recognition of that breakage and embracing who we have become on the other side of it that is truly noteworthy.

I genuinely feel (or at least hope) that I am helping my clients with their kintsugi, or perhaps at best, I may be the first person to honestly appreciate their renewed form, or the new golden seams beaming through a slowly reconstructing whole.

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