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Lockdown Sucks

Here we are, two months into lockdown in NSW, and at best, this is the halfway point. We're in for the long haul. Like it hasn't been hard enough already. If you haven't already, go get vaccinated. Let's get out of this as quickly as possible and go back to regular life. Go back to hugging our loved ones, meeting random people in bars, going out for brunch.

While by this point we're also certainly craving touch from another, 'skin hunger', we do have to push on without that for the moment. And if your masturbation game is starting to feel a little stale, then it's time to change that right up. Since working in a sex shop, this toy is my number one recommendation, the Womanizer Premium.

You've probably heard of the Satisfyer Pro, but this is the OG. Satisfyer makes some decent knock-off toys of the big guns, but as soon as you hold a Womanizer Premium, feel its strength, hear it purring (or not hear it, actually), you'll understand why it's worth the extra bucks. Also note, this isn't a paid advert, it's just sharing knowledge I gained from my years working in a sex shop and the feedback I received).

These types of toys are commonly referred to as 'clit suckers' which, while being fairly descriptive of the sensation of using one, isn't exactly accurate. The Womanizer utilises pulse wave technology. At it's most basic, and probably unsexy sounding, the Womanizer is placed against the (external part of the) clitoris. It sends pulse waves, stimulating blood flow to the area, swelling it a little, and making it all the more sensitive. From here, I want to say it will lull you into the waves of an orgasm, but it won't, it will throw you headlong into a tsunami of orgasms.

When I worked in the sex shop, my longest friend Phoebe reached out for advice about what toy should be her first? She was in luck then, as we had been given some promotional give away toys to hand out. Essentially the first version of the little Starlet unit, with a thirty minute battery life, and no way to recharge it. A few days after giving her this 'single use' toy, Phoebe messaged me: 'Thank you for helping me have my first self made orgasm at the ripe old age of 36.' She immediately ordered the Womanizer Premium, in Blueberry, which I delivered to her a few days later over coffee.

I gave it a week before I messaged to ask how she was going with it. Her reply summed this toy up perfectly: 'I've now experienced multiple orgasms and am currently thinking about putting away because I fear it will affect my actual sex life, when that returns.' She didn't hide it away. Phoebe sent me a photo of her Womanizer on charge a few months later, stating that despite her phone was about to die, she knew the priorities of her charging outlet.

I've given two Womanizer Premiums to friends for gifts. The most recent friend did have a complaint about it: 'It makes me come so quickly I don't even have time to visualise a fantasy!' Not sure that counts as a regular complaint.

If you need some internal stimulation to ride along with the external, the Womanizer Duo has got you sorted. Another friend of mine that bought the older model of this toy, the Inside Out, swears by this. And that was before they made the end of the insertable part more bulbous to hit the g-spot.

When this lockdown ends, and you need to feed your skin hunger, you know where to find me. But in the meantime, enjoy the Womanizer. xx

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