• Samuel Hunter

The Ultimate Indulgence

A few months ago I moved into a nice modern apartment in Ryde, with the sole aim to be able to provide an incall service to my clients that are unable to hire a hotel but are also unable to host me. With the last finishing touches added, I finally hosted my first incall client recently and wanted to share the experience with you.

I'd met with Jen on a few other occasions, each time she would book a little longer than the last. This time, she went with my Ultimate Indulgence package, an extended overnight stay at my place, with dinner, drinks and breakfast all included. We'd already sorted out what I was cooking for dinner, and the aroma of the slow cooking ragu filled the apartment as we walked in at nearly seven on a Saturday night.

I knew Jen's favourite cocktail was a French Martini, so had picked up the required ingredients and as I shook us up a few drinks, it was indeed Jen that did all the spoiling. She brought a bottle of Bollinger for us to share over dinner, and as a house warming present, a bottle of my favourite Islay scotch whisky, Laphroigh. It's the little touches like this that I enjoy about repeat clients, knowing what the other likes to eat and drink, and each time we unravel and reveal a little more about ourselves. Jen jokes that she's my 'part-time girlfriend', but that does indeed feel like the case.

silhouette man scotch whisky sunset
Samuel enjoying a whisky at sunset

After our cocktail, Jen jumps in the shower and when she returns, has put something rather provocative on. Dinner can wait. This entree certainly looks a lot more appetising. She trusts me to walk her backwards towards the bedroom, and our clothes fail to stay on within moments. Kissing is a killer for me, I'm already hard as hell and all we've done is kiss. We explore each other's naked bodies, caressing, nibbling, until my finger lands on her clit. She's already wet, and her pussy beckons for more than just a finger.

I slide down her body, briefly distracted by her pert breasts, before finding my way down between her thighs. I want to gobble her up completely, but I force myself to slow down. I tease her thighs, each kiss inching slowly closer to her vulva. A broad stroke of my tongue running the length of her brings about her first vocal elation. She tastes sweat, invigorating me to continue. Not that I need much of a push to go down. I love that almost as much as kisses.

When I gently slide a finger inside of her, latching onto her g-spot while licking her clit, I draw the first swear word from her. One of the things I love about Jen is to start with, her go to phrases are quite G rated: 'Oh wow', 'oh gosh', 'oh god', but then when she's really loving it, she'll move to more common swear words. When she lets out a 'fuck', I know we have really hit the spot. The first time I met Jen, when I touched her g-spot, she said, 'Whatever it is you're doing, please keep doing exactly that!'

We've got great communication when it comes to the bedroom; Jen is comfortable to tell me exactly how she likes things, or would like to do, and I'm always keen to please. After she came on my mouth and finger, Jen was just as eager to return the favour. Kneeling over me, she took my cock in her mouth and let the magic begin. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when I got into this work I truly imagined my own pleasure would be ignored, and my bookings would be filled with conversation, cuddles and cunnilingus. This hasn't been the case at all. In fact, one client gave me the best blow job of my life. And that was Jen. Like most guys, I love looking down and watching a woman sucking me off, and while I certainly did that this time, I also enjoyed watching from my full mirrored wall. Seeing her head bobbing up and down, those lovely breasts swaying as she worked around my shaft, it was so fucking hot.

I returned the favour once again, but Jen pulled me up to her mouth, telling me she needed me inside her. I wasn't going to argue. Armed with a condom and lube, I gently eased myself into her pussy. 'Oh god, I forgot how big you are,' she moaned. My regular client a few days earlier also said I seemed bigger than usual. I'm pretty sure these things don't change that much, but I'll take their word for it. To give Jen better control, we flipped over so she could ride on top of me, allowing her to be in charge of depth and speed. A few minutes later, and I heard the magic word from her.

'Fuuuuuuck!' The length she draws a word out further emphasises which word she has used. A drawn out 'fuck' was definitely the bees knees. Soon enough, we both came to a climax, before falling into an exhausted, blissful cuddle.

The ragu was all the more tender after leaving it longer for the fun stuff, and as we sipped on Bollinger, I quickly cooked off some pappardelle and made a garlic bread. It was the nourishment we needed after our beautiful session in the bedroom. After polishing off our plates (and the cuvee), we sat around chatting, before retiring to the bedroom once again for a little more play, and some well earned sleep.

Morning came, and so did Jen once again, and I cooked us up some breakfast (sadly not the best poached eggs I've made) before we eventually made our slow farewells. Late breakfasts at home are the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. All the more better with great company.

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