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During my career I've had a number of requests to bring a third person into our booking and as such, have a few people I've worked with that I'm happy to suggest and vouch for, should you also be looking to explore a little bit more. 


I've met Demi on a number of occasions and would say she is like the female equivalent of me; natural, genuine and authentic. She's funny and affectionate, smart and sexy, spiritual and sensual.

Demi loves to connect more than just physically, which in turn leads to an even hotter time in the bedroom for all involved. She is easily the first person I suggest when someone asks who I can invite to join us, be it for a sexy FFM threesome or a couple swapping play. 

Find out more about Demi here or on her Insta, and reach out to me about your ideas and we can discuss rates for the two of us. 



Aspire is new to the industry but makes up for this time with her enthusiasm and passion. An absolute giver by nature, she will relish in satisfying you (and your partner) possibly more than any attention given to her. But when she does get that attention, you (and the neighbours) will definitely know she's enjoying it all. 

If you want to bring this electric Asian Aussie (and her irresistible laugh) into our session, let me know and we can discuss options and rates, or find out more about her here.




While generally I am asked about bringing a woman into the play session, there has been a few times recently where a client wants the whole MMF experience. I met Michael recently, initially just as a social meet, followed a little later with a MMFF booking. 

Sure he's a bit younger, and has that intimidating physique, but he's also genuine and fun to hang out with. Amongst other things, he's a muso and has a passion (and qualification) for baking.

Find out more about Michael here or reach out to me if you want me to arrange him to join us.

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