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I started in this career when I read this article and discovered Touching Base. Until recently, I was also a disability support worker for the past few years.

I have experience with a range of mobility-limited clients, including those with CP and MS. It can be tricky navigating positions that work for you, but communication and exploration does wonders for finding new and creative ways to work with your body and unlocking your pleasure in a safe space.

If you're unsure how to include this in your NDIS plan, Touching Base has a lot of resources to access these services. If you're still unsure or concerned about adding these services to your plan, send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss a few options.

My incall is in a fully accessible building. There is enough space in the bedroom to use your hoist if required, and the entrance to the shower is 630mm wide, and 900x900mm inside. I also have a shower stool and over-the-toilet seat available to use.

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Early in 2022, I was also able to finally attend and complete the Touching Base PDAT training. 

Find out more about the Professional Disability Awareness Training here.

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