From the blog posts on his website to his email/text communication to the person you meet, Samuel Hunter is the real deal! He is a genuine and authentic gentleman. Samuel’s cheeky and playful energy makes him easy to be around. In his presence, I am always relaxed and very comfortable, which has helped me to grow in confidence and step out of my comfort zone.


Samuel is a skilled and sensual partner. He takes the lead in our time together, which has allowed me to experience moments of pleasure I didn’t even know my body was capable of experiencing. I am forever grateful for my time with Samuel, which provides me with moments that enrich my life.

Violet, 39


(I can proudly say you have now earned this title!)

A short concise critique: 

Incoherent (with longing).
Insufferable (with teasing and pleasing)
Insensible (with pleasure)

There’s so many more ‘In’ prefixed words I could include in this list to sum up this experience and everything you represent. 
So to conclude, I have drafted a collection of poetic words to encapsulate and define the highlights of our time together. I give you…


Blackened as my soul, 
A dress the hue of darkness, 
Interwoven with azure lines, 
Drawing near a darkened summit. 

Gravitate, we pull. 
A twilight sky transcending, 
The clash and clamour of sound,
Celestial souls twine and merge. 

Molten heat flows burning, 
Furnace scolding lava spirals, 
Through veins of fracture, 
A past wasteland put to rest. 

Delights upon the valleys, 
Cascades rush towards an abyss,
Trails of light illuminate,
The path of my ascension…

Elodie, 41


The usual essay style review was too pedestrian for you so I used my literary license and mum skills to come up with an acrostic poem. Enjoy  x

Sensual, sensitive, soft hearted, strong, a stimulating story teller and intuitive conversationalist 

Affectionate, attentive, Adonic, appreciator of the arts, a true gentleman who is to be admired because of what he has overcome

Magical with his fingers and mouth, maker of cocktails, a man who will cherish you … oh so magical with his fingers and mouth

Understated and unashamedly himself

Expressive, effusive, eloquently playful with an energetic vibe and he has

Lips that will make you tingle well after you leave combined with a likeable larrikin nature


Handsome, humorous and a heavenly hugger with a heart to provide a safe place for expression of self

Unforgettable, unpretentious 

Noble, nocturnal, neat and not afraid to be vulnerable, sharing his total personhood with you

Tender, thoughtful, thorough, trustworthy, talkative in and out of the bedroom 

Excellent cook. Emotional, earnestly desiring you be set free from past hurts and traumas 

Respectful, a really amazing, intuitive and genuine lover who will leave you hungering for more than a moment with him


Your life will be forever changed with Samuel.  Embrace it and enjoy!

Valerie, 51


Thank you for a lovely blissful afternoon. Great to meet you. Thinking about it just makes me want to come back and keep going. Look forward to seeing you again. xx

Sarah, 50


You are great therapy for my head and body, I can talk to you about everything and not feel ashamed or scared. Thank you so much x

Isabela, 60


"When I see you, I think I know what is coming. I know I asked for this, so I will be waiting in


Awaiting your first move but knowing you will surprise me.

The thought of it right now already makes me gasp. Every inch of my skin is tingling with the

thought of what we have planned.

I want you – no, I need you to push my limits. Take me to places I’ve only ever dreamed of.

Dark places that I’ve only ever shared with you.

Dark places of unimaginable ecstasy.

I can see only your eyes right now and I can see my pleasure mirrored in them. It gradually

intensifies, to the point that I dare not blink.

I imagine you arriving and gently kissing my lips…barely letting me feel their touch. Whispering

softly in my ear the plans you have for me. Teasing me with your words and your nearness and

promising me there will be more.

I will be your puppet and you will be my master.

You will take my limbs and bind them.

You will cover my eyes and blind then.

I await your first command…"


Stephanie, 38


(Her email about our fourth meeting together)

You've made me feel feminine and sensual again and calmer as a woman. Your conversation and no judgement is even good for my mental health and adds another level of quality to my life.

Chloe, 49


Thank you for the weekend, everything was fantastic. I feel really special staying over and getting spoilt. I'm already looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon xx


Jen, 37


Samuel Hunter- what an absolute delight.

I was left feeling completely adored, and satisfied from head to toe.

A mouth that truly truly works wonders.

The perfect gentleman, great company and a amazing lover who knows exactly which buttons to push.

Perfect experience from my very first message to well after he left.



Angie, 40