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Originally posted November 18, 2021

Just before Sydney went into its second lock down, I posted up a give away for my Ultimate Indulgence experience. A sixteen hour overnight stay with me in my incall apartment, where I provide cocktails, dinner and in the morning, breakfast (along with all the other fun things). Fifteen minutes before the midnight deadline to enter, I received a long email from Valerie and, without sharing her personal history, her story was similar to many I’ve heard from my clients.

Lockdown put our date on hold for several months but once restrictions ended, we worked out a time and recently I had the pleasure of finally meeting with Valerie. She was still struggling with the idea that she wasn’t paying for the experience as I welcomed her into my flat and gave her the tour. After pausing to review my Kim Manning artworks, we ventured onto the balcony to watch the sunset over pina coladas.

While Valerie certainly had some questions for me, she was very talkative, in a deep way. She could rattle off some seriously emotional memories with the ease of ordering a skinny cappuccino. Perhaps it was her nerves. We grazed over a charcuterie board and spoke about everything, to the point I was so distracted I burned the garlic bread that was meant to accompany our mains (there was wayyyy too much food anyway - that’s my excuse).

It was well after midnight when we made our way into the bedroom. It was my turn to be nervous. As with some of my recent clients, Valerie knew there was a disconnect somewhere, her mind holding back from experiencing pleasure. Be it from putting her kids wants and needs before her own, or combined with some of her background, I was highly aware that these kinds of blocks aren’t easy to step around, regardless of any skills or techniques.

Like all good play sessions, there were some laughs and giggles at the start (my over-explaining my playlist was the beginning) and a whole lot of communication. Valerie told me that she trusted me, and to go with my ‘gut’ for the night. I started out slow, kissing while we felt out each other’s bodies; backs, arms, thighs, necks.

Over an hour later, it finally happened. The reconnect. Something shifted in Valerie. It was tangible in the air, in the way she breathed, sighed, held eye contact. Somewhere within her, Valerie had understood that she deserved to feel pleasure. Again, and again and again.

Or so I’m told.

I don’t know why, but I was almost expecting a cartoon-style lightbulb moment. A flashing neon sign. Maybe tears (this happens quite a bit actually). But beyond the orgasms that followed from the moment Valerie reconnected, I was none the wiser that there was anything further than just the physical release.

It wasn’t until the next day, after holding her tight all night, cooking up crepes Suzette for breakfast (the dessert we never got to the night before), when we were saying our goodbyes, and Valerie broke down into tears as she thanked me for the evening. It was here my mind pieced together the rest, followed by some of the most amazing acts of affection I’ve received. Wiping away her tears, Valerie tells me there’s an envelope next to my bed, to go towards my ‘philanthropic interests’ (something I’d told her about during our pre-meet texts). I reject it, saying this evening was my pleasure to give to her, but she insists. The following day, a lovely pot of orchids arrive and the day after, she posted a testimonial on one of my advertising sites, and also emailed it to me with the following words:

"The usual essay style review was too pedestrian for you so I used my literary license and mum skills to come up with an acrostic poem. Enjoy x

50 shades of Samuel Hunter.

Sensual, sensitive, soft hearted, strong, a stimulating story teller and intuitive conversationalist

Affectionate, attentive, Adonic, appreciator of the arts, a true gentleman who is to be admired because of what he has overcome

Magical with his fingers and mouth, maker of cocktails, a man who will cherish you … oh so magical with his fingers and mouth

Understated and unashamedly himself

Expressive, effusive, eloquently playful with an energetic vibe and he has

Lips that will make you tingle well after you leave combined with a likeable larrikin nature

Handsome, humorous and a heavenly hugger with a heart to provide a safe place for expression of self

Unforgettable, unpretentious

Noble, nocturnal, neat and not afraid to be vulnerable, sharing his total personhood with you

Tender, thoughtful, thorough, trustworthy, talkative in and out of the bedroom

Excellent cook. Emotional, earnestly desiring you be set free from past hurts and traumas

Respectful, a really amazing, intuitive and genuine lover who will leave you hungering for more than a moment with him

Your life will be forever changed with Samuel. Embrace it and enjoy!"

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