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An Origin Story

From the start of 2019 until I began my path into this career, I was working in an adult shop in Western Sydney. My time there was a turning point in many ways. It was certainly educational; from kinksters explaining much of their world to me, to being a 40 year old cishet male trying to explain to an eighteen year old woman how to use the external vibrator toy she just purchased. But the most important thing I discovered was Touching Base. And for this I have my manager Lyn to thank for.

Lyn was a huge support in many ways for me at that shop. The owner was a bit all over the place and sometimes I struggled to even get twenty hours work each week, leaving me little money after rent. Concerned about how and what I'd be eating for the week, I'd rock up to work to find Lyn had dropped off a supply of food for the staff, sweet treats and two minute noodles mostly. For Lyn, this was just a way to support staff, and something to also tie the staff over when it was too busy to even order food delivery. For me it meant that, during some of my time there, I actually got to eat something.

When I spoke to Lyn about an article I read, where a woman won a court case against the NDIS to use her funding to hire an escort, Lyn told me all about Rachel Wotton, the Scarlet Road documentary and Touching Base. This got me thinking about the struggles people with disability face in pursuing a sex life, be that alone or partnered. Like almost every adult store, the one I worked in was up a steep staircase (councils don't want these things on ground level) and completely inaccessible to those with limited mobility. Beyond the societal views on people with disability, there are so many other issues they can face (that I might write about another time).

It was that night at work, after Lyn left, that I wondered if this was something I could do. I looked up which other men were out there doing this, and it would take some time afterwards to decide to advertise alongside those younger muscled men. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But this origin story is actually just padding. I reached out to Lyn recently to tell her the affect she had on my life, even if she didn't know it. In her reply, she told me that she had moved to the Central Coast and had opened up a lingerie store. So this post is my thanks to Lyn, and asking you reading to throw some support for her business:

Toujours' idea was "to supply high quality lingerie products, without the exorbitant price tag, to enable the everday person to feel sexy". Check out Lyn's online website, or visit in store at 19/227 Main Rd Toukley Mall, Toukley NSW 2263.

I did notice they also sell some toys online, including a few we used to sell hand over foot at the adult shop. If you're in the market for a new bullet, I would certainly recommend the Blue Diamond. This little beast packs a punch, is rechargeable, and completely waterproof and submersible (which is great for the shower and makes it easy to clean).

Lyn, thank you for being my favourite manager across the gamut of jobs I've held in my life, and for steering me towards the most satisfying and rewarding work I've ever had. And for you dear reader, please support her lovely new business xx

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